Archery Tag

gotcha-archery-games-west-virginia - 13v2Here at GOTCHA! Archery Games, we offer the safe combat sport of Archery Tag®. Archery Tag® gameplay is similar to that of dodgeball, but it is played with our recurve bows and patented foam-tipped arrows. This family-friendly game is safe and virtually everyone who is able to draw the bow can play it. Unlike other combat style games, the only safety equipment needed is a facemask. We provide all of the equipment you will need and ONLY our equipment may be used. And when tagged with an Archery Tag arrow, players feel virtually no pain.

Two teams, consisting of up to 5 players each playing opposite one another, are separated by a “safe zone.” Each team also has what we call a “5-Spot Knockout Target.”

There are two objectives:

1. To tag the opponents

2. To knock out the five discs of the opposing team’s target

You eliminate a player by tagging him or her with an arrow, or by catching his or her arrow. The 5-Spot Targets work to save a “life” of one of the players. A “tagged” player can be called back into the game when a target spot is knocked out or when a teammate catches an arrow.

This is a unique archery experience that you will be sure to talk about for years to come. From 8 to 80, archery is a life-long sport and we would like to share it with you!

Hoverball Archery

FB_IMG_1435073621792From the makers of S.A.F.E Archery (Students and Family Experiencing Archery) comes the inflatable that you shoot at. Hoverball Archery is an inflatable with four cones that shoot air straight up in front of a back drop. A ball is placed in the air stream which hovers the ball in mid-air and archers then shoot the balls out of the air with the soft foam-tipped arrows. These arrows have the same flight characteristics as standard arrows but are safe to use anywhere- Indoors, outdoors, in crowded environments, schools, businesses, etc. This game is great for young and old as well and is a great way to introduce new people to the life-long sport of archery. From corporate events to birthday parties, Hoverball Archery is a great way to keep people entertained and active. This also works great as a fund-raiser!


GOTCHA! Archery Is Perfect For Any Event!

Offering the rapidly growing sport of Archery Tag® along with S.A.F.E. Archery’s Hoverball Archery.